A math program built for teachers

Strengthen students' math skills with exclusive content and tools.

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Maximize outcomes for every student

Nearpod Math, our K-8 supplemental curriculum, helps teachers enhance instruction with intentionally organized content and tools to create engaging math learning experiences for every student.

Finally, a supplemental program focused on the instructional experience.

  • Supplement any math skill or standard

    Search, download, and customize K-8 standards-based math resources built using the Nearpod experience.

  • Build collaborative, active math classrooms

    Encourage exploration, inquiry, and conversations about math through pedagogical strategies and exclusive features like virtual math manipulatives.

  • Make math relevant

    Help students see themselves as mathematicians with relevant, engaging, and challenging experiences that apply math concepts to real-world scenarios.

  • Reach every student

    Meet the varied needs in each classroom by incorporating student voice, creating safe spaces to participate, and getting insights into student understanding.

Open quotes For me it’s a game-changer. You’ve taken away all the guesswork and I know that it’s aligned to standards and my curriculum calendar… I can have a social life again. Close quotes

- 6th Grade Math Teacher

Enough content to support any instructional decision you make to differentiate learning, every day.

  • Problem-based lessons

  • Practice lessons and activities

  • Centers

  • Math Manipulatives

  • Engage the whole class and cover key math concepts with 40-60 minute problem-based math lessons.

  • Quickly reinforce and practice math skills covered in your whole class instruction.

  • K-5 lessons offering gamified experiences and designed for collaborative group work.

  • Help students visualize abstract math concepts with pre-built and customizable Color Tiles, Fraction Tiles, Algebra Tiles, and Base Ten Blocks.

Enough content to support any instructional decision you make to differentiate learning, every day.

1.2 million teachers around the world love teaching with Nearpod, collecting 1.5 billion real-time student insights last year.

Preview lessons, videos, and activities exclusive to Nearpod Math.

Using Illustrative Math? Ask about our Nearpod Math solution that’s aligned to Illustrative Mathematics.

The supplemental math program for you

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5 Steps to Evaluating Supplemental Math Curriculum Programs

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Your math problem, solved. Join us in changing the way students experience math every day with Nearpod Math.